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Ransomware Canaries

Ransomware Canaries

Ransomware Canaries

Protect Your Network with The Canary in the Data Mine

In today's world of cyber threats, ransomware is a top concern for businesses. Early detection is key to preventing its spread and protecting your network. That's why Huntress introduces The Canary in the Data Mine.

Get Early Alerts

Our Ransomware Canaries provide faster detection of potential ransomware attacks by placing small, lightweight files on all protected endpoints. If these files are modified, an investigation is immediately opened with our ThreatOps team to verify whether it's a result of malware or malicious encryption.

Prevent Spread of Infection

With early alerts, you can respond quickly and limit the spread of a ransomware attack. Our endpoint identification feature helps you assess the scope of the attack and take appropriate actions.

Expert Threat Analysis

When a canary is tripped, our ThreatOps team opens an investigation to verify the threat and remove false positives. They work with you to ensure proper remediation occurs and protect your network.

Light Footprint and Regular Updates

Huntress canaries are small and cause no disruption for end-users, taking up very little space. With regular status updates and easy access to detailed reports, insights, and remediation actions, your team can confidently respond to potential ransomware attacks.

Invest in your Endpoint's Security

Deploy The Canary in the Data Mine and rest easy knowing that your network is protected. Get the peace of mind you need to focus on your business and leave the cybersecurity to the experts.

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