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External Recon

External Recon

Protect Your Business from External Threats with External Recon

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to monitor and secure your business's external attack surfaces? Look no further than External Recon.

External Recon is a powerful tool that helps you identify and close potential entry points for hackers. By monitoring open ports connected to remote desktop services, shadow IT, and more, External Recon provides visibility into your business's external security posture.

Stay Ahead of Hackers

Don't become a target for hackers by leaving open ports exposed. With External Recon, you can identify open ports from services like RDP/RDS, SMB (Windows File Sharing), SQL server databases, and more. By uncovering potential entry points before attackers do, you can take proactive steps to strengthen your defenses.

Stay Informed and in Control

With regular scans and updates, External Recon helps you stay informed of any configuration changes or unexpected activity that may go unnoticed. By organizing this data in a central location, you can easily assess your security posture and identify areas that need improvement.

Leverage the Power of Huntress and

External Recon is powered by Huntress and leverages the capabilities of With scans for each of your protected environments, you can assess new and existing customers to define acceptable risk levels and introduce appropriate controls where needed.

Gain Peace of Mind

With External Recon, you can secure your perimeter and reduce external attack surfaces. And with the help of the Huntress ThreatOps team, you can have peace of mind knowing that your security is in the hands of experts.

See External Recon in Action

Ready to see the power of External Recon for yourself? Schedule a demo today to see how it can help you secure your business and protect against external threats.

"Protect your business from potential external threats by discovering open ports with External Recon. Take control of your security posture today and sign up for a demo now!"

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